As a sporting club, we take great pride in our membership and the people that make up our organization and family.  Our club is special, especially for its location situated in the ridges of the Shawangunks in Orange County, New York as part of the Hudson Valley community.  To put it simply, it's nature and wildlife at its best!

The families that make up our organization are a group of like-minded, passionate people that have a love for the outdoors, its wildlife and the care and conservation of them, the fisheriers, and the community it lives in.  The beautiful views and vistas of the Catskill Mountains, Shawangunk Hills and the Hudson Valley teams with worldclass lakes, streams and ponds; fields and forests as far as the eye can see and more.  

Sporting clubs embrace all things fishing, hunting, archery and the legal and responsible use of firearms.  In a nutshell, we've been blessed with a beautiful location, great people in our community, many areas of interest and events to attend and be a part of.  The galleries below showcase areas of interest including our firearm ranges, events and bbq's, fishing, hunting and our veterans fishing derbies honoring our veterans.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


In this gallery, you get a sense of the amenities that come with a fish & game club including but certainly not limited to firearm ranges.  We've built a multitude of ranges specialized for trapshooting, rifle shooting, sighting in your rifles, pistol shooting and of course the friendly competitions with our planned events.  We also offer courses and our membership is always willing to help support the beginners who wish to learn and enjoy safe and responsible firearm use.  Enjoy our range gallery!


In this gallery, you'll find pictures of our property including forests, ponds, lakes, streams, our clubhouse, pavilion, kitchen and more to get a feel for our club and all we hold dear.  We also have many events we host or throw for the membership and non-members alike.  One of the gems is the Veteran's Fishing Derby which we host for our beloved veterans in honor of their commitment to our liberties and their sacrifce for our freedoms and nation.  The derby is followed by a cook out and lots of commaradare, stories and friendship.  Enjoy this special gallery of our club and its events.


With the multitude of ponds, streams and lakes at the clubs disposal, we have a great many avid fishermen and women who embrace the sport.  With both Orange and Sullivan Counties in New York being some of the best trout and bass fishing found in the Northeast and New York, our membership is fortunate to have such access.  We are lucky enough to have members who enjoy flyfishing, pond fishing and stream fishing.  Courses are offered and we always enjoy bring the kids along for a day of fishing fun.  We hope you enjoy this gallery of our fishing members!


New York and the northeast is well known for its hunting seasons.  We take conservation and the health of our wildlife very seriously.  While there are many wildlife species in New York such as pheasant, duck, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, whitetail deer, black bear, and more that have specific hunting seasons, Shawangunk Fish and Game Association has acerage available to hunt safely and responsibly.  We take great pride in offering New York Hunter Safety Courses every year and there are many of our membership that would enjoy taking out beginners who want to learn the sport safely.  Enjoy our hunting gallery.

How to Submit Your Photos for Gallery Consideration (Members Only)

If your a registered member of the club and would like to share you photos of club events, fishing, shooting, hunting and more, we would love to add new content to our galleries.

To submit your photos for review, please email  Make sure your pictures are full resolution, clear and no timestamps.  Our gallery pictures are 2880 x 1600 pixels, so you can size your pictures or send us it in the largest format on your phone device.  Also include in your email what the picture is of, the member's name, date it was taken and the statement that you give Shawangunk Fish and Game Association permission to use your photo for all media and marketing purposes indefinately.  We will review your submission and if approved, send it on to our website management team for addition.

We would love to hear from you, so send us your photos as long as you are a registered member.  Thank you.