Shawangunk Fish and Game Association makes it their priority to keep their membership and community abreast of important announcements regarding club news, legislation, the health of our waterways and wildlife conservation efforts.  We also, from time to time will announce new areas of development with our club as well as what's to be expected from its membership and public use.


    The new pistol range is now open to the right of the rifle range. Kindly limit the shooting to pistols only. Every shooter is responsible for cleaning up brass, targets, etc... prior to exiting the range.


    Our Legislative Chairman, Dominick Scarzafava, reports the New York State Assembly is being presented with anti-hunting and anti-gun bills every session. As sports men and women, it is our responsibility to support our representatives, lobbying to maintain the right to carry, hunt and fish. Please take a moment and contact our representative to support these rights. Visit the New York State Assemblyman or National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action.


    DIDYMO IN THE NORTHEAST! A very nasty and widely spread organism, to date, it's been found throughout the northeast including Vermont, Connecticut and parts of New York. It's already on record as effecting New Zealand's aquatic habitat seriously. This invasive, single-celled diatom: Didymosphenia Geminata can live for days outside its watery environment. People and outdoor activities are the main cause for transporting and spreading. All anglers accessing waterways should educate themselves on the checking, cleaning and drying of equipment and clothing, so this outbreak does not spread!